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What is Tatiana ?

Trace Analysis Tool for Interactions ANAlysts. This software is a computer program whose purpose is to provide support for researchers who want to analyze user's actions and interactions. This is the tool developed for the Lead Project, but it will also handle traces from different discussion tools (Coffee, Drew, DrewLite, Digalo, etc).
Tatiana is developed by the Armines Team (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne / G2I).
For all questions/suggestions, please send a email to one of the developpers who will be glad to help and answer your questions:

See the new demo : TatianaOverview.mp4. It is also visible on YouTube, here.

See the old demo : Tatiana_demo.wmw [44 Mo]
(EARLI meeting of LEAD pedagogical partners, august 2007)

What is needed to be able to use Tatiana ?

This tool is multiplatform, so they will work on any windows, macintosh, or linux computer so long as they have Java installed. The minimal version of Java required to run these tools is version 1.4.2. However, we recommend the latest Java (version 1.5).

Download Tatiana

To download Tatiana, please accept the license agreement below.

Version 2.10:
This is the latest version of Tatiana. Since version 2.0 all functionnalities planned in the Lead project are available. You will find in this version (among other things):

  • a new interface
  • a new remote control
  • a new video player
  • a whole new bunch of filters
  • and the possibility to visualise replayables graphically

Version Alpha:
This is the first version of Tatiana presented to the LEAD project. It is an improved version with filtering and synchronous video playback. A demo corpus is also provided, with a step by step user guide.

Version 0.2:
The St Etienne/Lyon LEADers have animated a "hands on Tatiana" session at the Ecole Thématique EIAH from CNRS, Sunday, July 8, 2007.
The animators were the famous team: Kris Lund, Jean-Jacques Girardot, Annie Corbel, Gregory Dyke and Steven Collins.
After a quick presentation of replay, filters, categories, Rainbow and annotation concepts, the participants were invited to use Tatiana on an exemple (based on a Drew chat+graph session).

Version 0.1 (April 2007) only for internal testing.

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Tatiana: Trace Analysis Tool for Interactions ANAlysts. This is the tool developed for the Lead Project, but it will also handle traces from different discussion tools (Coffee, Drew, DrewLite, Digalo, etc).

Drew is a collaborative tool (developped during the previous projects SCALE) that provide trace files of interactions with a web browser interface.
You may test here without any installation.

DrewLite is a simplified version of this tool running on a LAN with a less elaborate environment for managing sessions and traces. A simple trace viewer and converter comes also with DrewLite.