The DSS has to accept standard replay orders, like

  • Play/Stop,
  • Rewind
  • Step forward/backward
  • Fast forward
  • Modify speed
  • Mark / Go To
It also has to show at replay time, in the most acurate way possible, what the participants have seen while using the DSS tool itself during the experiment.
For a discussion on the visualization of collective interactions in a replayer, see this document.


Tatiana: Trace Analysis Tool for Interactions ANAlysts. This is the tool developed for the Lead Project, but it will also handle traces from different discussion tools (Coffee, Drew, DrewLite, Digalo, etc).

Drew is a collaborative tool (developped during the previous projects SCALE) that provide trace files of interactions with a web browser interface.
You may test here without any installation.

DrewLite is a simplified version of this tool running on a LAN with a less elaborate environment for managing sessions and traces. A simple trace viewer and converter comes also with DrewLite.